What You Need To Begin Working

Before going into the electronic projects and stuffs let me give you a list of basic things you would required for building and working with electronics project. If you ever dreamt of setting up a electronics lab at your home, then these are the essential things which are suppose to be in that HOME LAB.

1. Breadboard

The first and foremost thing you require to do an electronic project is a breadboard. Costs around just two dollars but very useful in prototyping and testing circuits. Even professionals before soldering circuits into a PCB, test their circuits on a breadboard.

Detailed information on Breadboard is given here.

2. Solid Wires

You get different types of wires in the market, but for using in breadboard we need solid wires. It’s good to have a pack of wires with different colors so that we can follow some simple color codes like red for positive and black for ground or negative.

3. Adjustable Power supply

This is a must and should if you are going to keep working on projects for long time. These are available in various sizes and prices. A cheap one can do the job until you use an extra regulator circuit.

4. DMM

In most of the websites you must have seen this tool in “optional” category But, I will say that this is a very essential tool for electronic hobbyists. This is one such tool which can help you in troubleshooting your circuit very efficiently. You need not go with costly ones. Just buy the one which has minimum features. That would be enough.

5. Soldering Kit (Optional)

Well once you have finished prototyping your circuit, you may want to assemble it into a nice PCB and solder it. You may need to learn some things before actually soldering components and be careful! (Believe me the hot rod is really hot. I’ve had lot of bad experiences with it.)

Click here to view some YouTube videos about soldering.

6. Miscellaneous

-Wire Stripper
-Screw Driver
-Few LEDs
-Few Switches (tactile and momentary)
-Pliers (Optional)
-9V Battery and a Battery clip

7. Patience

Yeah you read it right. This is the most important thing you will need to do projects. Remember that you cannot build all circuits in one day and make them work. Sometimes you will be wondering that why your circuit is not working even when it’s arranged according to circuit diagram but the truth is that without knowing you have done some small mistake which is not letting the circuit work. So you need to be patient and find out what the mistake is.

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